High Rise Towers

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  • High-rise construction is a science of its own. Complex demands on speed, quality, safety and finish require expert attention and custom-engineered all-in-one solutions. Where crane time is limited, site-space cramped and schedules tight, it is the method that decides on the winning approach. WEN Qatar is meeting the challenges in high-construction with state-of-the-art climbing and forming technology, mature safety concepts and in-depth know
  • Wen Qatar’s High rise Operations specialize in the construction of multi-story concrete buildings using the latest formwork technology. Additionally, Our High rise's expertise includes towers, apartment projects, condominiums, hotels, and similar structures.
  • We have worked on more than 50 high-rise towers — defined as buildings that rise above a city’s prevailing skyline — of various shapes and sizes both in International and In Qatar’s construction market.
  • Key projects done in Qatar are (B+G+35), Al Areen Residential Tower, (G+40) Al Jassimya Tower, (B+G+35) Burj Marina Tower, (B+G+18) Business Square Tower, (2B+G+35) Manarat Tower and many more
  • Key Projects done Internationally are (3B+G+29) OCIC  Tower-Cambodia, (29 Floors*3 Buildings) Rose Condominium-Cambodia, (B+G+24) Crown  Tower-Nigeria, (3B+G+29) OCIC  Tower-Cambodia